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Posted on 09/12/2021
5 Home Renovation Contract Clauses That Can Resolve Miscommunications
Homeowners and contractors sometimes grow frustrated because of miscommunications. Even with what appears to be a well-crafted remodeling agreement, people interpret things differently. That's why it’s essential to include mutually agreeable dispute resolution clauses in your contract. How to Minimize Potential Disputes Understanding how the project rolls out often proves enlightening. It's not uncommon for a construction company...
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Posted on 09/06/2020
What is Title Insurance?
Image by Tumisu from Pixabay When you buy a house, you are making a huge investment – one of the biggest, other than buying a business, that you will make in your life. In the second quarter of 2019, the median listing price of homes in Florida was $265,000, an increase of 3.3 percent from the second quarter...
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